Monday, January 22, 2007

Gospel Singer performs National Anthem at AFC Championship

What a heart-breaker, not the singing, the game!

In case you missed one of the biggest games in football, Yolanda Adams, a Grammy-Award winning Gospel singer performed the National Anthem at the RCA Dome in one of the most exciting match-ups between two of the league's best quarterbacks. Adams jumped the gun when she started off but quickly recovered and her voice soared as the crowd cheered for the start of the highly anticipated game.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were like two skilled magicians duking it out, pulling rabbits out of hats when their teams needed a crucial play. It was down to the wire, about a minute left on the clock, the Patriots had possesion and Brady was moving the ball up the field faster then lighting. Manning had his head in his lap, unable to watch his chance for a Superbowl ring slip out of his reach, then it happened...."interception" and the Colts fans irrupted with sweet relief. They were going to the Superbowl! And just like that, my hopes for a Patriots four-peat were dashed.

It was a game day full of almost for Yolanda Adams and sadness for the Pats. But that's football for you: bravely bittersweet.


Bernadine said...

I don't understand football but I love Yolanda Adams. I would have watched just to hear her sing.

Nathan said...

Sorry about your Pats. Go COLTS! :-)

SolShine7 said...

Bernadine, I checked out your blog and I like what you're doing. Yolanda Adams was in The Gospel movie with Boris Kodjoe. Her song was wicked hot!! She's definitely one of the best.

Nathan, very funny...