Friday, January 26, 2007

Bollywood Goodness

Am I the only Christian American who can sing along to Lagaan and watch Kabhi Khushi Kahbie Gham over and over again?

If you don't know what Bollywood is then you should. They're putting out more films than Hollywood. And they're better (depending on how much you like musicials and learning about different cultures). If you're a fan of feel good dance numbers, dramatic camera spins, and romantic scenes in the rain (or dessert) then Bollywood is totally for you.

Here's a quick list of things that every Bollywood fan should know:

1. Aishwarya Rai - She's pretty much the Julia Roberts of Bollywood. She has a killer smile and when she's in a film people watch.

2. The Khans and the Kapoors - They're something like the Baldwins, but way better. They're Bollywood royality so you're bound to watch a movie with one of them in it.

3. The longest running Bollywood film in India - Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. It's still in theaters last time I checked (about 10 years or so).

4. Bride & Prejudice - Rai's crossover Hollywood film. It's a Bollywood version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Ashanti (the R&B singer) gives a special music performance in this.

5. Where to get Bollywood films - Blockbuster has some like Lagaan, but from my experience the best place to find them is at a local Indian market in your area (a lot of times they have videos you can rent or buy) or check out local theatres, maybe there's one that plays Bollywood movies. Thanks to the Internet, you're always one click away from purchasing the movies straight from the companies that make them.

Also, be careful not to lump all Indian films into the Bollywood category, there are different genres and dialects spoken throughout India but you can check out Wikipedia or Google "Indian Cinema" to find the ins and outs to that, (which I am still learning myself).

I've been a fan of Bollywood movies since high school, but with a little effort you could be a Bollywood lover too. And for all the ladies, if you think Surresh from NBC's Heroes is a hottie, just wait until you see some of Bollywood's leading men. You'll be singing "O Rey Chhori" in no time.


Top said...

I've not had a chance to watch a Bollywood film, but I'm very interested in getting one. I'm not sure where the Indian area is in my area, wonder if the guy that runs Dunkin Donuts would mind me asking him. It is a strange phenom here, almost all our Dunkin Donuts are run by Indian families, and there are LOTS of Dunkin Donuts around here.

I wonder when there will be a joint Indian American film. I see that most Bollywood films are musicals most American films are action, so can there be a successful international spy action film with musical scenes? Sounds pretty hokey, so I guess I won't be writing that one. Great post though, I'll have to try to find an Indian film.
BTW, scene Evil Behind You

Joy Kennelly said...

I love those type films! Thanks for all the advice because I didn't know which ones to check out.

I think Rai is stunning. Did you see her on 60 Minutes? Yahoo did a little showcase otherwise I wouldn't have caught it.

In any case, thanks for highlighting my site! I hope people have checked yours out since I posted too!

Take care and happy dancing!

SolShine7 said...

Top, thanks for checking out my blog over here. Bollywood films are best watched with samosas--yum! I'll have to pass on the International Spy thing too, but you never know. It could work. LOL.

Joy, I'm glad you like Bollywood films too. Rai is beautiful, she was Miss World not too long ago. I totally missed that 60 Minutes interview, what a bummer.

I enjoy your blog how could I not promote it! Take care Miss Hollywood lady.

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen - I'm trying to track you down! Where are you? Call me!