Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wild Passion

I've been focusing on entertainment a lot these days. It's been good and I've encountered all kinds of coolness along the way. I'm thankful for that. I haven't abandoned my faith and social justice interests, I'm still passionate about those but there are seasons when you have to tend one field more than another. And it's not like you can separate the passions of your life anyway, they all kind blend in together making you who you are. And I'm happy with who I am. The road hasn't been perfect but I've been blessed in countless regards.

I'll just share a few things that have inspired me lately...
  • California sunshine.
  • Olivia Wilde's website (she chats of vegetarianism and activism, two of my favorite subjects).
  • Twilight Sleep (they're a super neat band and I listen to their music quite often).
  • Nachos. They're always fun to eat.
  • Sunsets. I still make the effort to enjoy as many as I can.
  • Kit-Kat candy bars. 
  • Good conversations and smiles.
I'm glad to be alive and to be able to experience so many awesome things, some planned and some completely unexpected.