Thursday, January 18, 2007

Why the Church should be folk-dancing

Wouldn't it be cool if Christians danced together?

The typical church services I've been to involve people sitting in pews, folding chairs or fancy theatre seats and when the worship team gets up and plays the music people stand up, raise their hands and slighty move their bodies in their 5 inch space. But what if the body of Christ disregarded this tradition mode? What if we gave up our individualistic praise and worship setting for something new--something vibrant and communal? Like folk-dancing.

Anyone can folk dance, it's fun and easy. I've been apart of the M.I.T. International Folk Dance Club on and off since my freshmen year of college. It all started with my quest for interesting yet inexpensive entertainment. I found out about the group from a local Boston newspaper, (I forget which one probably the Phoenix or the Metro). I would take the #1 bus over the Charles River to M.I.T.'s historic campus and make a $1 donation for one of the coolest hobbies ever.

I've danced witd old ladies from European countries, architects, college students and all kinds of fasinating people. You may start off a little unsure of your steps but by the end of the evening you have the basic concepts down. The people are so friendly, even when you mis-step they smile and spur you on. There's something very...elemental about holding hands with people in a circle and dancing. It's completely life affirming about our need for fellowship with one another. What I don't get is why modern churches are so stuck on keeping people in their seats instead of engaging them in joint praise and worship of our AWESOME God. They're really missing out on a uniting factor.

If I was ever part of a church-planting newbie group then I'd definately include a folk-dancing praise time. And we wouldn't be dancing to some lame-o CCM music either. The praise team would have to learn some authenic folk tunes a la Burlap to Cashmere's style or I'd make sure we had a guest Christian folk band lead us in those times. I've been to a few of the Copley Square outdoor summer folk dance sessions and a live folk band makes a big difference.

So what are you waiting for? Get your folk on!

Visit the M.I.T International Folk Dance Club.
Find a folk dancing club near you.
*Side Note for all you who aren't familar with Christian lingo: CCM stands for Contemporary Christian Music and praise team is the singers/band who plays the music when we praise and worship God before or after the sermon is given.*


David said...

Christian folk-dancing.....interesting

Natala said...

such a good thought :) i often wonder why church only uses group singing as it's only form of worship.
folk dancing would be sweet.

SolShine7 said...

You're right on Natala.