Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Native American Heritage Month

This is the month where our country is supposed to take the time to spotlight and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of those indigenous to our land.

November is the national Native American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month. But why am I just learning about this?

And where's the coverage in the news?

I feel embarrassed and saddened when I think about how little our country pays attention to Native Americans. The only time I can remember seeing a news story centered on a Native issue was when CNN did a short piece interviewing Alaskan Natives on what they thought about Gov. Sarah Palin.

I mean, come on, one story a year is completely subpar.

I wish that there was some magical solution to make things right in this country but easy answers are hard to find. So what are your thoughts on the issue? Do you think things are fine as they are? If not, what kind of change would you like to see happen?

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Rain said...

Wow... I didn't even know this ! It's a sad thing but in America we don't pay attention to Heritage months. I mean maybe kids & teenagers do because some times that means no school!! i.e. Martin Luther King Jr day & Columbus day. Hopefully one day every heritage month will be on America's mind not just a day or date on a their calender to remind them but, sadly the majority of the time ignored.

SolShine7 said...

You're right, heritage months are supposed to go beyond dates on a calendar. They're just starting points and we should celebrate diversity on a regular basis.