Thursday, July 3, 2008

The XXXchurch is moving to Las Vegas

When was the last time you prayed for a prostitute or porn star? For Craig Gross, founder of the XXXchurch, praying for those caught up in the sex industry is worth all the criticism he gets from both sides of the spectrum.

Some Christians think he's gone too far with his ministry, they can't see the value of him reaching out to those in such seedy situations. On the other hand, some non-Christians can't understand why he's there in the first place because they don't see a problem with the lifestyles of those in the sex industry. But whatever people are saying, good or bad, Gross doesn't let that stop him from helping those in need. In fact, he's taking the XXXchurch to a new level. In 2009 the XXXchurch will be moving its headquarters to Las Vegas. In the following video, Gross talks about his excitement for this new venture.

Anyone else glad to see the XXXchurch making the big move? If not, what are your thoughts on ministries like this?


AceFire said...

Now this is what Church is - where the people are there the church should be, building and forming true love relationships that will overcome the power of sin and its grip on unsaved people's life. I love your vision XXXChurch and I pray and believe that you are doing what is right in Jesus Name. Amen

Calvin said...

I'd be interested in knowing exactly WHAT his church is going to look like. I have no problem with WHO he ministers to or even WHERE he ministers. I have a concern with HOW he ministers. To pretend that this is not important is foolish. I like the "outside of the box" approach, but even "outside of the box" is now firmly "inside the box." I fully support XXX Church. I'd just like to know what it is we're supporting? Is the Gospel being communicated? Are people turning from sin and turning to Christ, totally and completely? Are disciples being made? The only problem I have with the idea of scraping "church as usual" is that JESUS set up "church as usual." The Church is his bride, his vessel of honor and truth, and if we disregard that on any level, though we may be nice people doing a nice thing in Las Vegas, people won't meet Jesus in eternity. But, again, I just want to know, what Cross' church/headquarters/mission to Las Vegas is going to look like. Sounds like an exciting move, though!

Roger_TQ said...

Cool! God is moving. He is serious about reaching people in dark places with the light of His love and truth.

SolShine7 said...

I definitely want to take a trip to Las Vegas next year so I can visit the XXXchurch to see how things go. Las Vegas is a great place for Christians to reach out to hurting souls.

michaelmarkley said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the XXX church is Ron Jeremeys creation and He financed big tobacco has anti smoking campaigns...
even the 700 club is in on this supporting XXXchurch
I rebuked Pat Roberson for supporting this evil…! he is wicked!

on 700 club..

Imagine showing up to church next sunday and finding a 30 foot high erect phallus on top of your church or in the church parking lot announcing a sermon series on Pornography. "Absurd and ridiculous", you say. "No Christian Church or Ministry would ever resort to something as shameful as a giant phallus", you say. Sadly, you'd be wrong. (Warning: Explicit Link)
According to Wally's Website:
Mike and Craig of XXXchurch dreamed up the idea of Wally one afternoon in sunny southern California. XXXchurch exists to bring awareness, openness, accountability and recovery to the church, society and individuals in the issues of pornography and to begin to provide solutions through non-judgmental and creative means.

the "way of the master" is against XXX church's dragging the church down and making it look bad, there is a blog on the way of the master,, radio where they say XXX church is real wrong..they show a video of XXXchurch's porn puppet and a porn producer Ron Jeremy telling children at a grocery store porn is not for children but is for adults,,, this is abomination check it out..

michaelmarkley said...

look whats happening now its blowing up

SolShine7 said...

Michael, I watched the video of you debating with the interns and I'm not impressed. We should be on the same team, promoting the love of Jesus in all the various forms it comes in.

You have a right to your opinion and so do the XXXchurch supporters but in the end it's God's opinion that matters the most. Anyhow, I wish you well. Thanks for taking the time to comment!