Monday, April 21, 2008

Indie GoGo - A New Way to Do Film

MySpace revoultionzed the the music industry connecting bands with millions of fans. Music artists like Colbie Caillat, Kate Voegele and the oh-so-annoying Soulja Boy were propelled into mainstream spotlight and became household pop culture names. Now, Indie GoGo, a new social networking site, is looking to create that same type of buzz around independent filmmakers.

Their concept is similar to that of MySpace but with a little twist. Indie filmmakers create profiles for their projects and fans create profiles to connect with the filmmakers who fit their taste. But here's where things get interesting, fans can donate money to help the filmmaker reach their budget goal. So for the price of a DVD, you can help a filmmaker become that much closer to getting their film made. Indie GoGo has dubbed this new type of filmmaking: "DIWO" a.k.a "Do It With Others".

IndieGoGo also offers some cool widgets to promote the films you support on your website or blog.

All kinds of film genres are available from quirky dramas to action flicks to documentaries and everything in between. And even if you decide not to give a single dollar, I'm sure indie filmmakers are happy to get new fans who appreciate their artistic vision.

[Hat tip to Mashable]


jamey johnson said...

Hi Karen, I'm thinking about taking some classes in film making and editing. I have some questions for you:
1. Do you do you own editing? Do you use a MAC to do your editing? What program do you use?
2. Have you taken classes in film? What would be a good beginners class (if there is one)?
3. Do you own your own film-making equipment?
Thanks, I know a lot of questions!

Top said...

I don't know if yet another social networking idea will catch on in a major way. I feel like it's trying to recapture when the Beatles first hit the US. Those types of things usually happen once. Instead of a variation of Myspace, we need something completely new. For instance, I keep hearing how the internet is going to replace TV (though I don't believe it will) but I don't really see any site working that way. YouTube has too much. With ABC you have a pretty good idea what you're going to get.
Also, I wonder how many filmmakers will want to reveal major parts of their stories in order to raise interest and funds.
It's certainly cool, and looks like a good site.

SolShine7 said...

Jamey, those are some good Q's. I hope can help out. Here are my answers:

1. I can do my own editing but if I have the choice I'd prefer to have a master editor at my side. I've used a MAC and a PC to do some work but the best equipment I've used is Avid Xpress.

2. I've taken some film classes. I started off with screenwriting because writing is my first passion and you get to tell the story you want to see. If screenwriting isn't your thing, then try directing or learning cinematography. Whatever area your heart is interested in the most I say go for that. But a good beginner's class could be one that teaches you a little bit about all the areas of filmmaking so you can go from there.

3. Right now, I'm saving up to buy the camera equipment I want. I do own the screenwriting software I need (Magic Movie Screenwriter).

Also, I'd advise checking out some of the trade magazines like Independent Filmmaker, Script and MovieMaker Magazine. They have plenty of resources in there. If you have any other Q's feel free to email me!

Top, you made some good points. Indie GoGo could never be MySpace, just like MySpace could never be Facebook, or Facebook could bever be YouTube. They're all similar in the user-driven aspect but different enough to fill their own niche. Yet, they weren't the first sites to come up with social networking concept, (although they did make it mainstream). Sites like Livejournal, BlackPlanet, MiGente, AsianAvenue and Friendster were around before it and they filled a need at their time.

If Indie GoGo could get be an avenue to propel at least some filmmakers to a new level and garner them some attention it would be worth it. Some filmmakers probably will not take the risk to share their ideas on there for scripts and that's okay. But the site could be explosive for documentary filmmakers. Indie GoGo is just one road to take in a industry full of many pathes.

Thanks for commenting over here! You know I enjoy your commentary immensely.