Friday, January 4, 2008

Sunsets of Yesterday and Tomorrow

The sun has set on 2007 and a new year is before us. What does the future hold?

Some big questions still linger in the air like: "When will the war in Iraq end?" and "Who will be our next president?"

But even those seemingly "big" questions pale in comparison to the smaller ones that aren't constantly plastered in the media yet drive humanity and give our lives true meaning like "What is our purpose in life?"

Rob's "Just After Sunset" seems to capture that feeling because there's something about sunsets that trigger reflection on the past and speculation of the future.

We do not know what tomorrow's sunrise will bring us or what news we will have learned by tomorrow's sunset. But we do have now, this moment, this time, to look toward the Heaven and pray to God for change. For change in our world. Our government. Our neighborhood. And most importantly, our hearts.


Scott Williams said...


Rob Carr said...

In years past, I've gotten up on January 1st and photographed the sunrise. This year I didn't -- the weather was terrible and there would be nothing to photograph.

But I know exactly what you mean about sunsets -- and sunrises inspiring reflection.

And no, I wasn't going for the pun of the reflection on the rivers -- although it's not bad!

SolShine7 said...

Rob, I checked out your links and...WOW!!! Those January 1st photos are amazing.

Keep up the good work!

Rob Carr said...