Thursday, April 5, 2007

National Poetry Month

April is a good month because "April showers bring May flowers" right along with the National Poetry Month. I almost forgot but thanks to Mir, I can shower myself in plenty of poetry for the soul.

I started writing poetry for school assignments when I was little kid but now it's something I do for my own personal joy. Poetry is pure and comes deep from the heart. It's mysteriously beautiful like a wild mustang running across the open plains.

My favorite poets are Langston Hughes, Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost. Their words have inspired me in ways that only great poetry can. If you have never read any of their stuff then why not start now? And if they don't suit your tastes then find some poets that do.

Here are a couple of haiku poems I wrote back in the 11th grade for a class assignment.

1. River

Little leaf, red, brown
Tiny pebbles flow around
Slowly dying--gone.

2. Seasons

Things come and go fast.
They change and transform now.
Always being missed.
I hope that poetry finds its way into your heart and home this month. For more info on the National Poetry Month visit their website.


Robert said...

Yay, poetry! :)

Mirtika said...

Can I say "Yay, Poetry!" too?

Thanks for the linky.

And I like "always being missed."


SolShine7 said...

Robert, thanks for visiting my blog. I checked out yours and it's pretty cool. Lots of poetry related stuff. :)

Mir, I'm glad you liked that line and thanks again for reminding me about all kinds of poetry things.

Anonymous said...

hey I liked this blog.... I remember reading some poetry by Robert Frost in one of my eng classes.... I forget the name of the poem... I do remember that it was for the first black soldiers who fought for the US.... I think that's what the poem was about. ...he's a cool dude. lol

shalea (not annon)

SolShine7 said...

Thanks for stopping by Shalea.