Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Entertainment News: Kirk Franklin and Halle Berry develop projects

Here are a couple of news items that I thought you might enjoy.

Kirk Franklin: April 4, 2007 - reported that Gospel star Kirk Franklin has a inked a development deal with Lionsgate to star in a film inspired by his life story called Church Boy. For all the details visit

Halle Berry: In Ebony's May 2007 issue, Halle Berry is featured on the cover and the article makes note of her producing a TV show called "Mixed, about a mixed-race woman".

Why is this cool? Because A.) That's one more Christian story told through Hollywood and B.) As a woman of a multi-ethnic background, I'm so glad that a TV show about a mixed woman is being produced by one.


joey said...

hey solshinez.

i like the page layout. i just want to let you know that i have been praying for you regularly. that God would give you clarity and direction for your plans on serving him as a journalist worldwide.

i know you have a passion for social justice, so i hope and pray that you will strive onward toward that goal of a life committed to God's glory full-time.

thanks for all those times you use to visit our old blog. (even though, it was mostly in disagreement - it was still based on love!) thanks again.


SolShine7 said...

Hello Joey!

I appreciate all your prayers. I need them! Prayers are powerful.

Take care and God bless!

Joy Kennelly said...

Hey there, Finally am making the time to catch up on your insightful thoughts.

I love it too that Kirk Franklin and Halle Berry are doing their projects. It's cool to see God moving in Hollywood. And to see stories of people of mixed heritage.

Did you know my son is half Nigerian and half me? I can relate to your sistah!

Hope you're well and look forward to connecting on your project soon. Thanks for the invitation!

SolShine7 said...

Joy, thanks for stopping by, I enjoy your comments.

I didn't know you had a son who was mixed but that's cool!

I'll be sending you an email about the project this week.