Monday, March 19, 2007

Free Wireless!

At this very moment I am using free wireless Internet courtesy of Oakland County. My city is one of the first in the Great Lakes state to have wireless access for all.

Right now, I feel really blessed to be an American because I know that there are several people and places that do not have the luxury of personal computers and Internet access. In China, people are restricted from visiting certain websites. In India, Christians are persecuted for spreading the Gospel. And in the USA, some people are just struggling to get food on the table and utility bills paid.

For all the times I complain about what I do not have I should be thanking God for what I do have. When I think about it that way, I have a lot.

So thank you God, for all that You have given me. May I learn to use it wisely.

Now it's your turn. Reflect upon one way God has blessed you lately.


House of Virtue said...

Hey Karen, its such a blessing for us each time on ur blog and we just keep on loving it...You know what? Can we really keep count of the blessings of God upon us? As the psalmist mused, "When I consider the heavens, the works of ur fingers, the moon & the stars You have ordained, what is a man that You are mindful of him....?" Currently we've been living in India for the past 8 months, & we can feel some of the challenges which Christians face there, yet we see God moving mightily to bless His people. Its really awesome.....

Anyway, we'll keep keeping in touch, please feel free to checkout our blogs too...& God bless you plenty!

SolShine7 said...

I really want to visit India one day. I just stopped by your blog and left a comment on the mouse post. That was too cute.

Thanks for stopping by and take care.

wornoutwoman said...

God blesses me daily with my health, family, and opportunities abundant. I am so glad you're aware of all He's done for you too!

Mark Goodyear said...

It's funny. My first response to this post was, "Hey, I wish I had wireless access for free in my town."

Then I realized I was totally missing the larger point--count my blessings, not other peoples. Why is it so easy to fall into that trap?

I have a wireless network at my house. It's not free, but it's super fun.

Thanks for the comment at GoodWordEditing--I'm cleaning house still with the server switch, but I'll respond soon.

T. Suzanne Eller said...

I love your blog. You are a good writer. I'd love for you to share music reviews on Real Teen Faith from time to time. : )

Suzanne Eller

SolShine7 said...

WornOutWoman, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Mark, you have a cool blog going on.

Suzanne, I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I sent you an email about me wanting to contribute to Real Teen Faith.