Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Band Spotlight: NoonDaySun

Some people may think MySpace is a big waste of time, and it can be. But then there are times when you're searching through the sludge of music pages that you find a band that really sparkles. And NoonDaySun is one of those sparkling bands. They've even got a song title to prove it.

Their lyrics are reminiscent of Switchfoot's earlier releases, where they present soul searching concepts that make you think alongside tantalizing heartfelt vocals. They're on an independent record label now, but if they keep on cultivating their sound and explore songs with more social justice themes in a few years time they could be on a major label or make a major label out of their current one.

You can check out a brief write-up I did on them in the current issue of the Christian Rock Report on page 6 titled "NoonDay Sun Heats Up". And stop by their MySpace page and say "Hi!" or whatever it is you would say to a band on their comment section.


Anonymous said...

I saw this band at a fair in McKenna this weekend. The music was peppy and formulaic with no surprises. While the lead singer had a nice voice, I ended up becoming very tire of it, as she committed one of the biggest crimes a live band's frontman can commit - she just wouldn't stop talking in between songs. Her inability to stick to the music left the lot of us bored and unimpressed. I felt as if I was hostage to her need to tell everyone within ear's shot about who got married to whom in her family and who was next multiple times. I felt no true humility from her, either, as her declarations of Christianity came across more as threat if one were to disagree more than a joyful declaration of self-choice. To make matters worse, she commented on a few prisons where they played and make unfunny remarks about the experience, leaving me to also question her maturity level and understanding of the meaning of humility.

Hopefully, this young band will learn to curtail their lead singer to singing, because they lost a few potential fans due to five minute sermons that could have been filled instead with some ear candy.

SolShine7 said...

I haven't seen the band live yet but I really want to! I enjoy their music and they all seem like super nice people. But certain music isn't for everyone, that's why people have different favorite bands. I appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion though. I spotlight a bunch of other bands maybe you'll like some of them. :)