Monday, February 26, 2007

Thoughts on the Oscars

I don't watch the Oscars every year and I think that's a good thing. While the Academy Awards are the top honor in my industry, getting caught up the whole Hollywood reconigniton game can be dangerous, so I don't stress over who's winning what. But this year I watched them, pre-shows and all. Here are some of my thoughts as I scribbled them down on a piece of paper during all the festivities.

  • Helen Mirren and Barbara Walters make a really good interview. Mirren sounds a tad more classy because of her British accent though.
  • Eddie Murphy has the coolest mustache and underlip gotee. Jennifer Hudson described him as "shy" - I would have never pegged him as an introvert.
  • Hollywood and Highland - I lived right around the corner from that complex when I lived in Hollywood for a little under 6 months. And believe me, Hollywood Blvd. isn't so pretty when a premiere or an award show isn't happening. They only show the glamourous part of Hollywood for the Oscars. I took a tour of the Kodak Theatre and the place looks a lot bigger on TV.
  • Ellen and a "Gospel" choir - I never would have imagined that. She's not as bad as I thought she was going to be, but she's no Billy Crystal.
  • Will Smith's son, Jayden, and Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) were so cute presenting together.
  • I wanna see West Bank Story. It's a short film and the director was very charamatic as he gave his heartfelt acceptance speech.
  • Sound Effects choir (Elements & Motion) - how cool is that?
  • Humanitarian Award - Sherry Lansing. What she said about teachers being heroes was really cool.
  • MySpace mention - Ellen took a picture with Clint Eastwood for her MySpace page...LOL.
  • Google Emmanuel Lubezki from Children of Men.
  • Jennifer Hudson won - YAY!!
  • Best documentary (short and feature) are my favorite categories. I want to see them all!
  • Rent Days of Heaven and Malena.
  • Dreamgirls was slighted in best original song.
  • When will Kate Winslet win an Oscar?!?!
The Oscars serve their purpose in highlighting some of the industry's best in filmmaking but in the end, they're only awards based on peoples opinions and opinions are never abolsute truth. Although it's really cool to get awards whether you're an apiring filmmaker, scientist or high school basketball coach I think it's best to follow C.S. Lewis' advice: "Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither." So aim high!


Top said...

As soon as I realized West Bank Story was a take off of West Side Story I said I wanted to rent it ASAP. Then hearing Ari's speech, I was moved and thought he had the best acceptance speech of the night.

Our church usually has an Oscar party for the teens and middle-schoolers. We didn't this year because we are without a youth pastor to run the show. I've not been to the party but hear and have seen enough to know it's a great time. There's contests and games and everyone dresses up.

I think people often take themselves too seriously there, and not winning seems to be such a blow to some. It's also frustrating when people I want to see win (Eddie Murphy) lose to performances that I didn't like (Am I the only one that thinks Little Miss Sunshine was disturbing? And Arkin's character creepy and sick?)

Great post, think I'll write one about my view of the Oscars, and maybe my review of The Departed.

Joy Kennelly said...

Hi there, Great Oscar coverage! Really fun. I totally agree with you re: the music winner - Dreamgirls was robbed!

Eddie Murphy would have been a pity or gimme Oscar because he was playing the character he plays so many times - although the pathos was pretty deep. I guess divorce improves an actor's heavy emotions, eh?

As far as Little Miss Sunshine being sick and disturbing - it was supposed to be at the end! All kid's pageants are sick and disturbing and this one just tipped it over to the extreme side.

I personally was laughing so hard I couldn't breath it was so unexpected. I think Alan Arkin is a sour old man who probably is very much like that character.

I was just glad to hear that he had Abigail wearing headphones when he was acting out... I loved that film, but am glad it didn't win Best Picture.

I don't agree with The Departed, but there was no loyalty to Stephen Frears since he was English. All in all, I loved this year's Oscars and thought Laura Ziskin did an amazing job producing!

I always love the opening of her shows - very clever, insightful, fun, and honest.

Okay, gotta run! Take care!

amy said...

Just stumbled onto your blog today! I agree Jayden was precious..he messed up and covered it well. Gonna be just like his dad

Brent said...

Everyone sounds classier with an accent, don't they?

Keziah said...

Glad to hear that we Brits sound classy! I was pleased to see that Helen Mirren won, but poor Kate Winslet! When will the poor girl win an Oscar? One of the sound guys is on his 18th nomination without a win, so hopefully it won't take that long.