Monday, February 19, 2007

Dwight Howard - Jumping for Jesus

How would Jesus slam dunk?

I'm not sure how that would look, but Orlando Magic center, Dwight Howard wants the world to know where his slam dunkin' abilities comes from. And it's not from Wheaties or Gatorade.

Howard wowed the crowd, but not the judges with his vertial ups and his creativity by placing a sticker of himself on the backboard. But the really cool part was that he wrote a scripture on the sticker refering to how he can do "all things through Christ."

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What Bball has to say
Since I haven't watched a NBA All-Star weekend in a few years this was a really pleasant suprise. Plus, it was really fun watching my homewtown Piston players (Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton) on the East team. It's too bad Kobe Bryant put the smackdown on us. But hopefully next year the East will stick it the West.

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House of Virtue said...

Great are the ways of our God. I don't know what it is about stickers, but what I do know is that God uses all things to glorify Himself...and if Dwight Howard choses to keep Jumping for Jesus, then great is the height he'll attain for God's glory...Very encouraging story, Kobe should see this!