Saturday, December 2, 2006

MSNBC Investigates

One of my favorite TV shows besides Heroes and Smallville is MSNBC Investigates. It's an hour long show hosted by John Seigenthaler that features documentaries on various issues. Two of my favorites are "Hollywood Vice" and "The Runaways". I try to catch the repeats whenever I can. They're real works of art, superb in style, content and depth.

"Hollywood Vice" is about police officers whose job is to get prostitutes off the streets of L.A. and the women who roam them. The documentary profiles this one prostitute named Brandy and one of the most poignant scenes of the piece is when she's in the back of a taxi re-telling the time when she was raped as a young girl. She said she was never the same after that. She was so honest and vulnerable, and as I watched her fighting back tears as she told her story something in my heart broke and whispered, these are the kind of stories I need to capture and share with the world. I wished that she could know Jesus. That somehow, some way, God would sent someone to show her real love and a way out of the sex industry.

Don't let anyone convice you that television a waste of time. There's power in quality programs.

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Those episodes are on YouTube as of 2-11-16