Friday, October 24, 2008

High School Musical 3

I'm one of those people who eagerly awaited to see HSM 3 in theaters.

I like everything about these movies, from the dance numbers to the cutesy storylines and right down to Sharpay's over the top mean girl. The High School Musical gang left us with some fun movie moments and HSM 3 wraps up the trilogy quite nicely.

And to think it all started with this...

"We're soaring / flying / there's not a star in Heaven that we can't reach / if we're trying / so we're breaking free"


serenity said...

I just blogged about this too! And I also loved it. I wrote my post a little sheepishly, though, because I know some of my readers won't even be able to relate to why I wanted to see it at all. So keep that in mind when you read my post. I went to the first showing Friday morning and took my three sons. So, I'm definitely a fan. How much did you love the song, "Can I have this dance?" There were so many great moments in there though.

SolShine7 said...

Cool, another adult HSM fan. hehe. I saw it with my sister who also appreciates musicals. That rooftop dance scene was pretty cute, very Disney like.