Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Band Spotlight: Fairgreen

In a world full of fancy desserts sometimes you just want a nice slice of homemade apple pie. Fairgreen is that heaping slice of comforting emo rock that keeps you "coming back for more" no matter what trendy concoction is being served in the music industry. Their songs "Don't Look Back" and "Every Chance" offer simple heartfelt lyrics and beautifully crafted harmonies that pulsate oodles of raw emotion.

I caught up with the drummer, Kenny, to get a little insight on Fairgreen and their future aspirations.

1. What's the meaning behind your band's name?

Fairgreen is a street we used to practice on for awhile, we thought it was good for a band name.

2. How did growing up in Baltimore influence your music?

I think growing up in Baltimore was a good thing for us musically. Baltimore has a pretty good music scene and there are a lot of different styles and people here so we get to have a bigger outlook on people and music in general.

3. What are some important life lessons that you've learned from touring?

I think after touring you really get to see a lot of different people and different places and it makes you realize that there are a lot of bigger problems out in the world that are more important then some of the stupid little stuff that we call problems.

4. Are there any music artists or producers you are eager to collaborate with?

We would love to work with Relient K and Mark Townsend (Relient K's producer). They are a big influence on us and we love how they write.

5. Could you walk us through what the recording process has been like for your upcoming album?

The recording process for the new album is a lot different then the last one. This time we all went out and got home recording programs and we each record song ideas at home and then bring the song idea to the rest of the band and go from there. Then after messing with the song for awhile we go back and record what we got and listen to it for awhile before we ever actually record the real thing in the studio.

6. What are three goals you would like to see Fairgreen accomplish by this time next year?

1. We would like to have a new CD out.
2. Signed with a record label.
3. Another new music video.


For all the latest info on Fairgreen visit them at www.myspace.com/fairgreen

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