Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Questions Not Asked

In this 2008 presidential election some questions and issues are being left out and ignored as usual.

When are the candidates going to mention Native Americans? When was the last time a candidate had a nationally televised forum centered on the issues of people with disabilities? And what about the Deaf community? Or little people? And the list goes on. It's usually the same old arguments with the presidential debates.

Conservative vs. liberal.

But when was the last time that either side really advocated for those groups of people? When have they made a big push to bring their issues to the forefront?

It's clear that we have a war in Iraq, that our economy is struggling and our environment needs preservation. But let's not forget about the other stuff.

What are some questions you'd like to hear the presidential candidates discuss?


Roger_TQ said...

I'd like to see them address the issue of internet porn and what they think can be done to protect kids from it. The CP80 group has come up with an alternative but I've yet to hear anyone on the national level talk about it or what they recommend we as a society do to stop the free flow of porn.

SolShine7 said...

Excellent topic! Isn't that what Shelley Lubben and some other went to D.C. for earlier this year? I'm checking out the CP80 website now.