Monday, August 18, 2008

Music Spotlight: Sarah MacIntosh

Chasing Furies was a 90s alternative rock band that emerged in a time when the Christian music industry wasn't ready for their sound. If Chasing Furies were a TV show it would be My So Called Life, beautifully crafted yet regrettably short-lived.

But sometimes exquisite voices get a second chance. Such is the case with Sarah MacIntosh who's alluring fans once again with her dreamy vocal style in a solo project released earlier this year called The Waiters, The Watchers, The Listeners, The Keepers and Me.

MacIntosh was kind enough to share some insights with Think Virtue! on Chasing Furies, creativity and her self-proclaimed shyness.

Here's our Q&A:

1. Since re-entering the music scene, what did you learn from the first time around that helped prepare for this album?

There are many things from the first time around that I've learned that I have taken into this latest venture. I have learned much better what the "Christian music industry" is there for. Who the people are and what they want. I think with my previous band Chasing Furies we had a misconception of who the Christian music listener/buyer was and now I know more clearly who it is and have hopefully made a record that is me speaking to that person.

2. Why was it so important for you to make and share this album with the world?

I feel like it is a Christian's responsibility to share the Gospel with those around them. To share what they are learning and what things the Lord has shown them. I feel like in my relationships with people as a friend and person I should be helping people grow closer to the Lord and the best way I am able to do these things is through music. I tend to be shy and unable to talk to people about the deep things that go on in my life but for some reason it is easy to put it into song and share that way so this is what I do and through my music I hope that those who listen do draw closer to the Lord.

3. What do you hope that people take away from listening to your music?

I hope that people would listen and see new truths about who He is and how we can draw closer to Him. I would want them to listen and feel refreshed and uplifted and encouraged.

4. You traveled to Europe earlier this year. How did the audience respond when you performed at the Methodist Central Hall in London?

In each of the places that I played in Europe this year I have been blown away by the response. These are people who have not previously ever heard of me before and yet they enjoyed the music and were able to get the songs that I sang and their meaning as well.

5. Outside of music, what inspires your creativity?

I am an avid reader and runner. There is something in words and other peoples thoughts that inspires me. The way they phrase their ideas and try to communicate a thought to me encourages me to become better and more creative about the way I phrase my thoughts and ideas in my songs. As a runner I have been able to travel all over the world and see cities in a different way by running through them. It is quiet time I have alone in a city where I just get to ponder the people and the culture and the creation that they live in. I am able pray and think about the things the Lord is showing me and process them throughout the run and sometimes come home with the beginnings of a song already formed and shaping in my mind.

6. What would you say is your favorite thing about yourself?

Early in my life the I read Psalms 139 and the verse that says "I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made" jumped out at me. I know as a woman that I was created fearfully and wonderfully and that I don't have to worry about being self conscious about the way I look or how I sound as a musician or singer. I am confident that He has created me to be who I am and that is the person that He wants to use...not someone I try to make myself into being. He doesn't need her. He needs me as He created me. I would say it is this confidence in myself, that my parents reinforced my whole life, that is my favorite thing. It helps me not be distracted by myself and any insecurities I may have and instead to be able to focus on Him and what He has planned for me.

7. Any plans for a Chasing Furies reunion? Or any special limited performances together?

Oh how fun it would be to have a chasing furies reunion. I have sung many times with my sister singing backup vocals for me and have enjoyed it very much. I don't foresee any reunion though. We are a family and sing together and enjoy each other as much as possible but I don't see it ever taking the form of Chasing Furies again.


For more info on MacIntosh visit her at and for old times sake check out the video for Chasing Furies "Thicker" (featured below).


Calvin said...

Good interview. I interviewed Sarah a while back. You've got great taste in music. I wish there'd be a Chasing Furies reunion, too! LOL. Good stuff.

AceFire said...

I enjoyed them very much back in the late 90's and as you correctly stated they were very creative musically but yet shortlived. Great Interview. Solshine keep it up!