Thursday, July 10, 2008

Music Spotlight: DJ Keebz

DJ Keebz has toured with notable Christian hip-hop acts like TobyMac and Grits. When he's not on the road he's the house DJ for the The Logan Show, a late-night Christian talk show, as well as radio producer for the Weekend 22 and on-air talent at

Here's my Q&A with him:

1. How would you describe your style?

Well, very "East Coast" most would say, but you'll find a hint of Hispanic influences in there as well. I'm not Hispanic, but I am from Tampa, Fla. so that comes through a bit. More so than anything, I'm a big fan of live instruments, so you will always find that in there as well. Although I am from "The South" I'm not a fan of southern rap...we can do better than that.

2. What equipment do you use?

2 vestax turntables, 2 pioneer cdj-1000's, 1 Rane ttm-56 mixer, 2 hands, 1 soul.

3. Which format do you like the best: Vinyl, CDs or digital downloads?


4. What were some of your favorite moments when you toured with TobyMac?

My favorite moment was when we performed in Gatlinburg, Tenn. My parents where finally able to see my on tour performing, it was the last time my mom saw me perform before she past away...they were really proud.

5. What music artists are you eager to collaborate with?

Mims, Soujaboy...I'M SO KIDDING!!! Right now, I would say in Christian music, Verbs, Andale', Pettidee, MOC, and of course Toby. Outside of CCM, I would love to work with someone like Lupe Fiasco...even though he is Muslim, he is very open about his religion and I can respect that...he also thinks before he writes.

6. What do you think about the current state of urban Christian music? Is it at a crossroads?
It's dead...good thing about Christianity is, it's based on a resurrection.

7. Who are some of your favorite DJs?

Maj, z-trip, promote, form, Jazzy Jeff.

8. What projects are next on your calendar?

We'll I can't really say...lets just put it this way. There are a few project available, I'm choosing which one I want to dive into...but something is coming. If you search through my friends list on MySpace hard just might find the big project (that's all I'm saying).


[photos courtesy of DJ Keebz]

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Reub said...

Karen, this is cool how you interviewed him! Good interview overall.