Monday, June 16, 2008

Mexico's Emos vs. Punks

Some people really hate emos.

I first learned about this issue when I was reading an article in Spin magazine. It's sad to think that people are fighting over looks but as I started doing some online research it became apparent that there's more to it than clothes. The anti-emo campaign seems to have an undertone of anti-homosexuals, which makes sense because Mexico is more conservative in that regards. Machismo is a big thing for the males. Punks and goths have a tougher persona and they dislike the fact that emos are stealing parts of their culture and cheapening it. And that's explaining the issue with a broad stroke.

They call them emosexuals and in March a massive number of punks used some social networking sites to campaign real-life attacks on emos. Things got so messy that the police had to get involved.

I don't condone the homosexual lifestyle but hate crimes are never okay. And just because guys wear skinny jeans that doesn't automatically make them gay or bisexual. It's the person behind the image that really counts. As the old saying goes, "Looks can be deceiving." Prejudice only gets you in trouble.

I only found one Christian perspective on the emos vs. punks issue but there should be some more. It's actually much-needed. Christians who rock the emo and punk style can reach out to those hurting from whatever side they may be on. Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers, so here's an opportunity for the Church to make a positive difference in the lives of some teens.

And on a lighter note, check out Stuff Christians Like post #244 on Making God Emo.

What are your thoughts on all this?


AceFire said...

Another group trying to be distinct and different. There are so many groups trying to be different and separate it is actually quite hard trying to keep up with them all. At the root of all this different groups emerging is the heart to be identified as unique and appreciated. Only in Jesus can we truly become unique, individual and yet part of the same body as one. Jesus Christ is the true difference maker without the rebellious attitude.

streetdj said...

In my opinion I dislike Emos they are weird!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Karen. Prejudice is wrong, no matter how much you dislike a certain group.

While I'm not in a category per se, I get a lot of flack because I'm a casual, sporty girl who doesn't like dressing up and being the stereotypical "demure, Christian girl". I'm introverted, but I speak my mind.

I feel like saying, "Oh, true unity only comes in the Body of Christ" but that's so typical. Yes, it does, but many times the Church holds so much prejudice of its own. I've heard comments of people looking down on kids because they dress emo. We need to stop judging on outer appearance, and love with the love of Christ. And I'm sure Jesus wouldn't say, "Oh, go wear an Abercrombie shirt and looser jeans, and comb your hair back, before I'll talk to you."

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Thanks for enlightening me about this topic. I've never heard of the expression, "emo."

I always say, prejudice of all kinds is wrong. I agree with you, just because someone's appearance or choice of style is different from your own, doesn't mean that they're necessarily homosexual.

Interesting post, thanks again for informing me. :-)

Reub said...

Wow, this is my opinion, but I don't really associate with emo kids. Nothing against them, but yeah. Good article though.

Natalie said...

Hey Karen,
If you didn't notice, I don't stop by my own blog very often so I just read your comment. Thanks for saying hi!

SolShine7 said...

Good comments everyone! Keep them coming.

If you know any Christian goths, punks or emos send them over here. I'd really like to hear their opinion on this topic.

You guys rock! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog.

AceFire said...

Jesus Christ is the true Difference Maker. Not every Church is doing what Jesus Christ commanded them to do so there cannot be unity in the Church but in His Body there will eventually be unity but not as we know it and not when we may expect it. He is building His Church His way and in the end we will all know the true Church - till then it is by faith - so we need to leave off judging because we don't who is really living for Jesus and who is not. What is on the inside will eventually come out - it just takes some time to happen:-)

Matt said...

What's crazy is that most people who talk about emo don't even know what it is. Emo now is basically pop music for teenagers (Dashboard, Weezer, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy).

Thanks for stopping by my blog.