Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Simple Faith - Who is Yeshua?

Do you ever think about Jesus' Jewish roots?

Sometimes I wonder how we, meaning American Christians, seem to know so little about Hebrew things. Somehow throughout the years we've distanced ourselves from all things Jewish. There's this gap, this disconnect between the Israelites in the Bible and Jewish people of today. It's as if we've mystified the Israelites in the Bible and forget that they too were people just like us.

Sure, we know that Jesus is "the Way, the Truth and the Life" but how many of us know that Jesus' birth name is Yeshua?

When you really care about someone you take the time to get to know them. You're intentional about being familiarized with the big and little things about them. You get up close and personal. Not only do you know what they stand for, you know where they came from. You ask questions about the neighborhood they grew up in, the kind food their mother cooked, how they celebrated their holidays when they were young and the list goes on.

In our contemporary worship services we lift our voices and sing lyrics like "I want to know You. I want to hear Your voice. I want to know You more. I want to touch You. I want to see Your face. I want to know You more." But when was the last time you were emboldened to do something as simple as researching the Hebrew culture during that era so you could get a better cultural context and get a deeper meaning of the Bible? Or what about taking the initiative to find a Messianic Jew and ask them to explain some things about Jewish culture?

Doesn't learning details about a person's background help us know more about them???

Sometimes it seems easier to declare we want more of God, but forget about doing practical things like reading our Bible and doing some good ol' fashion Bible study. Especially us Christian Americans, we have so much knowledge at our disposal, every type of Bible translation is but one trip to the local bookstore. Wouldn't it be worth it for someone we claim to love?

I'm no expert in Jewish ways and I'm far from a Bible scholar but I can challenge myself to make an intentional effort to learn more about Jesus in this regard.

And isn't that what Jesus asks us to do anyways. To love him with all of our mind, our soul, our very being. To seek Him above all. To knock at the door of Judaism and learn more about our spiritual roots.

I encourage you to read "What is Messianic Judaism?" by Rabbi Loren and Rabbi Glenn in your journey to better know your MOST significant other.

Jesus is true Judaism and true Christianity. It's that simple.

Yeshua's heritage is a part of our history as Christians, let's not forget that.

[This post was inspired by Helen at Muisto]


jamey johnson said...

Good word!!!

SolShine7 said...

Thanks Jamey. I try.

Truthology101 said...

this is a great post.....sometimes as believers in Yeshua we forget about our hebrew roots/foundation. it is through christ we are grafted into israel via of the new covenant..... good post once again....

SolShine7 said...

Yeah, all the stories of the Old Testament (and New) are there to help us remember and to embolden us.

Thanks for commenting Truthology101! I enjoyed your response.

Scott Williams said...

Good Stuff! There is a yound lady who visits my blog periodically who is Messianic Jewish and recently left the orthodox side. You can check out her blog: http://yousaytomatoisaytomahto.blogspot.com/

Mikael said...

Thanks for the want to Grow and learn where you came form not many Christians really know where they came from and only follow pagan holidays it's really to bad if America would turn and decide to learn about there heritage wow there would be a huge change in society! Some would fall away but many I believe would choose to grow and be more and I think Catholicisms would fall or totally change to the fact that the people finally know the truth that the church is a place to congregate and learn not be told lies and taught to pray to dead people witch the scripture instructs us not to! People might also start honoring the Sabbath or at least the day they set aside to worship and stop doing the same stuff they do the rest of the time any way! Ya there would be much change! I'm loving it!

SolShine7 said...

Thanks Scott, I'm checking out her site now. I've been looking for some Messianic Jewish blogs.

SolShine7 said...

Mikael, it's been a blast visiting Shema. I really enjoy learning more about Hebrew culture and the music is great! The violin and clarinet rock!!!

SolShine7 said...

And you rock on the bass too!

Mike said...

It's my understanding that many christians are still pissed about the whole judas betraying jesus thing.

I don't know.

It seems to me that religion is a cause to friction, muslims hate christians, christians hate muslims, christians hate other christians, muslims hate other muslims, etc. etc.

Religious intolerance is truly disgusting.

I don't believe in god, any god, or religion. I am impressed by messianic Judaism, as it would seem a path to bring the faiths together, rather than drive them apart.

Any path to end the silliness of blind religious intolerance and hatred is a good path to me.

SolShine7 said...

Hello Mike! Thanks for sharing your comments. You made some good points. It's a shame that some people still blame Jews for the death of Jesus because they're the missing the whole point. It's our sinful humanity that nailed Jesus to the cross, not an ethnic group. And hate is never good no matter who it comes from.

I wish more people had the opportunity to go to a diverse college then they would get exposure to people of various backgrounds and religions and be able to have a reasonable discussion in a respectful and intellectual atmosphere.

Jesus meant to bring people together, it is us in our frailty that tears one another apart.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Single In The City said...

Mazel Tov (congratulations) this is a great post! Toda raba (thank you very much) for inviting me to your blog!

I was Born into Orthodox Judaism and just a couple of years ago, I became Messianic. Yeshua has taught me a lot and has lead me to be Torah Observant. Something was messing, did not know what it was until a Christian friend of mine let me read her bible. I got to finally read the New Test. I knew then after reading The Gospels, that the Messiah Was already here! there is no reason to wait, My void was filled!

I think that it is great that you want to learn more of YOUR Hebrew roots and put them into your everyday living.

I would also say that partaking in the holidays, fast and feasts would be something great also! I am in the process of adding a section on to my blog about The Jewish Holidays.

Yishar Koach (well done, keep it up)!

Shalom uvracha (peace&blessings)

I am going to add you to my blog roll once I get the other page up! and it will be soon...

Toda!(thanks You)

SolShine7 said...

Miryam, thanks for stopping by and using all those cool Hebrew words. I'm trying to learn as many phrases that I can so your message comes in handy. I'm glad that you're a believer of the way! Yeshua is the one and only true Messiah. And I look forward to that addition on your blog about Jewish holidays.

Yishar Koach right back at ya!!!

queenoftheclick said...

Wow this post really hits me because I realized this spring that although I went to Catholic school for 12 years, I don't know anything about the Bible. So this summer I started reading it and there are so many answers I could have found for life's problems. The Hebrew roots and the Old Testement are so important and really need to be studied.

Anders said...

Hello! I found your website. My name is Anders Branderud and I am from Sweden.
Yes the historical Yeshua was indeed Jewish.

According to world-recognized authorities in this area Ribi Yehoshua was a Pharisee (a Torah-practising Jewish group - who according to 4Q MMT practised both written and oral Torah). As the earliest church historians, most eminent modern university historians, our web site (www.netzarim.co.il) and our Khavruta (Distance Learning) texts confirm, the original teachings of Ribi Yehoshua were not only accepted by most of the Pharisaic Jewish community, he had hoards of Jewish students.

Ribi Yehoshua said:

"Don't think that I came to uproot the Torah or the Neviim [prophets], but rather I came to reconcile them with the Oral Law of emet (truth). Should the heavens and ha-aretz (the land, particularly referring to Israel) exchange places, still, not even one ' (yod) nor one ` (qeren) of the Oral Law of Mosheh shall so much as exchange places; until it shall become that it is all being fully ratified and performed non-selectively. For whoever deletes one Oral Law from the Torah, or shall teach others such, by those in the Realm of the heavens he shall be called "deleted." Both he who preserves and he who teaches them shall be called Ribi in the Realm of the heavens. For I tell you that unless your Tzedaqah (righteousness) is over and above that of the Sophrim (Torah Scribes), and of the [probably 'Herodian'] Rabbinic-Perushim (corrupted to "Pharisees"), there is no way you will enter into the Realm of the heavens! “
NHM 5:17-20

Finding the historical Jew, who was a Pharisee (today's Orthodox) Ribi (see www.netzarim.co.il), brings, for the first time in your life, his *true* formula for profound meaning, inner happiness and purpose in your life.

From Anders Branderud
Geir Toshav, Netzarim in Ra’anana in Israel (www.netzarim.co.il) who is followers of Ribi Yehoshua – the Messiah – in Orthodox Judaism

servant1 said...

Thank you for this, it was really worth the time reading it. My hope and Prayer is we all come to a place within were we realize Yeshua, is much larger than the box western-american has him in as well as choose the path to research who he is, as you so wonderfully did.

servant1 said...

Thank you for this, it was really worth the time reading it. My hope and Prayer is we all come to a place within were we realize Yeshua, is much larger than the box western-american has him in as well as choose the path to research who he is, as you so wonderfully did.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the website. It seems to make quite an interesting read. We are at a time in our lives where we are so confused by religions/indoctrinations/Judaism/Orthodox Jews etc. In the end, I pray and wish that, we learn to love each other no matter what reliogious background. I am a black South African and am learning so so much about Yeshua and the Torah and the Feast. I have been told that, all these do not matter since grace abounds and when grace is said to abound, we don't live under the law, Torah. There has really been so much confusion on people who want to know more about Yeshua's roots and am seen as promoting Jews vs Yeshua!!! We need the truth to be taught in Bible Schools and in churches. If we claim that Yeshua was a Jew and hate His background is .............what I find ridiculous!!!