Thursday, November 29, 2007

Still Saving Sex City

The new episode of Saving Sex City is finally up!

Join Heather and Annie, an ex-stripper and ex-prostitute turned Christian evangelists, as they venture the streets of Las Vegas reaching out to the lost and the lonely in episode 3 of their video podcast: Saving Sex City.

[Click here to read my first post about this show.]

[UPDATE 12/01/07] - Over 800 people have commented on this video over at Annie's blog. And her blog has been the #1 on MySpace for two days now. Glory to God!!!


Rain said...

That's very bold for them to do that !!! Jesus does love everybody. They took a stand for JESUS in a very big way they didn't care what anyone said or even if they were going to get kick off property or "86", but being a Christian you have to be able to take a STAND for what you believe in and GOD He's the one that will back you Will stand with you. major Props to Heather & Annie for taking a Stand !

SolShine7 said...

Amen to that Rain! Heather and Annie are on the frontlines battling the devil and they need our prayers and support.