Monday, November 19, 2007

Ashley Judd and Social Justice

This month's issue of Redbook has a great cover story with Ashley Judd talking about how her faith fuels her passion for social justice issues like AIDS awareness and sex trafficking in India.

The article really inspired me because A.) I've been a fan of Judd's acting career for a while, Where the Heart Is is my favorite movie, and it's nice to get a glimpse into what really matters to her and B.) India calls to my heart. I've been interested in the culture since high school. I'd love to travel to Mumbai and make some Bollywood films one day.

Judd also talked about her new "cruelty-free" clothing line at Goody's, a Southern chain store, that will be featuring "products made by survivors of human trafficking" as well as her promise to provide quality health care programs for the factory workers unlike some big companies who have gotten flack for their near sweatshop conditions.

She also has an upcoming documentary called India's Hidden Plague that will be airing Nov. 30th on the National Geographic Channel. I only caught a little bit of her previous effort, Confronting the Pandemic, that she did with Salma Hayek about AIDS effect in Central America and it was pretty heart-stirring. So get your TiVo ready, this is one program you don't want to miss.

And lastly, with all the crap that gets over-saturated in the media about what celebrities are doing wrong (i.e. Spears and Lohan), it's good to know that there are those like Judd doing something that really counts.

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jamey johnson said...

I have always liked her vibe, stle and acting - good post.

jamey johnson said...

sorry, that is "STYLE and acting"

SolShine7 said...

Me too.

Mockarena said...

While her causes may be worthy, Ashley herself is actually quite self-indulgent and downright annoying most of the time. See lots of reasons to be annoyed by her under the category I Hate Ashley Judd at

SolShine7 said...

Mockarena, I checked out your site and I just don't agree with you on Ashley. She's one of my favorite actresses and she seems to really have a heart for helping out others. She's not perfect, nobody is, but I'm wishing her all the best in her future endeavors.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Mockarena said...

Did you read the article by Josh Trevino who traveled with her to Africa?

It's ok if you disagree, but many of the facts speak for themselves. Part of the "heart for helping out others" becomes lost in her ridiculous demands.

I appreciate your comments as well - thanks for checking out our site!

SolShine7 said...

Mock, I didn't see that article but I'll check it out.