Monday, July 30, 2007

Watch Four Eyed Monsters and Change Hollywood

Head over to to watch the full version of Four Eyed Monsters online. This is one of the best independent films I've ever seen! It's original, creative and poignant.

Four Eyed Monsters tells the story of Arin and Susan, two awkward struggling artists trying to find love and meaning along the pursuit of artistic creativity in NYC.

If you liked Garden State and Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind than you will be delighted by Four Eyed Monsters.

I had the privilege to meet Arin and Susan (the directors) after a screening at a local Boston indie theatre and they're just as genuine as they appear on film. They went all out on making their dream film a reality which translates into a lot of credit card debt...but you gotta admire their passion and perservance.

Now here's the part where you can help change Hollywood...go to and join Spout (it's like MySpace + Flixster) oh--and it's free...and for every member that joins, Spout donates a dollar to helping Arin and Susan pay off their credit card debt so they can make a new movie. Isn't that cool?!?! So what are you waiting for? Let's support indie filmmakers do some ground-breaking stuff and hopefully Hollywood will take note.

Viva la revolution!

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