Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ten Favorites - Blogs to Remember

Self-promotion gets old, so this is me taking the spotlight off myself and shining it on someone else. If I had to pick a sountrack for this endeavor Taylor Sorensen's "Love Somebody Else" would hit the spot. periodically, I'll be putting together a list of five or ten of my favorite things and a short decription of why I like them. Since I've immersed myself in the blogsphere lately I've run across an abundance of really cool blogs so I'll start my favorite list off with them.

1. Colossians Three Sixteen - If I had to bestow a blog with the title of my "FAVORITE" this would be the the one. Brent has daily posts on a smorgasbord of topics about God, life and culture. I read it daily and leave comments often.

2. The View From Her - If you want a witty read from a "single, evangelical woman of a certain age" that might make you LOL, than look no further. Her blog makes me smile, and smiling is good.

3. - This blog offers a meaty approach to the blogosphere. Challies writes about some deep spiritual concepts and has a slick blog design. Be prepared to read more lenghty posts (but they're so worth it). Plus, he has a high volume of reader feedback (one post had about 138 comments).

4. Think Christian - This is somewhat of a Christian version of the Huffington Post,'s the closest I could find to one. There's a regular crew of contributors that submit to this blog. They write about news events, entertainment and other cool stuff from a Christian point of view. (Anyone interested in doing a similar blog like this? It could be cool.)

5. - This is a great spot for all things dealing with race and racism in the media. It was formally known as Mixed Media Watch. Jen Chau (of Swirl Inc.) and Carmen Van Kercklove are at the forefront of creative services for multi-ethnic families. It's loaded with all kinds of videos, commentary and resources.

6. Speculative Faith - I'm a Sci-Fi fan and this blog makes me feel like somewhat of an insider in the Christian Sci-Fi/Fantasy scene. About seven published authors and leaders in the Christian SF/F pack post writing tips, commentary and all things Sci-Fi.

7. Heather of JC's Girls - I first heard about Heather from a link on to an article in some newspaper. Heather is the founder of a Christian ministry that reaches out to strippers. Recently in her blog she's been sharing her story from childhood to stripper to passionate evangelist. Her blog reads like mini-episodes that leave you with a cliff-hanger until the next post. (And I'm currently anticipating the next one!)

8. Media Nation - Dan Kennedy is one of my professors in the School of Journalism at Northeastern University. He's an active newspaper reporter and blogs about the press (specializing in the Boston area). He's done a few blog conferences and you can expect to see other professional journalists leave comments here.

9. Need4Sheed - This blog satisfies my enjoyment for reading about my hometown basketball team: The Detroit Pistons. You can expect to see lots of videos, commentary and highlights about the games, plus cool Piston graphics. Deeee-troit basketball!!!

10. Latina Lista - I visit this blog to be updated by a fresh perspective on issues that effect the Latino-American community. What caught my attention are the insightful posts she has on illegal immigration. It's relevant stuff..

That's concludes round one of my Ten Favorites. Keep reading until next time! And make sure to check out at these blogs.

Read. Write. Live.


Jamey Johnson said...

ok, where is mine on the list...J/K - visited some of these - great choices

SolShine7 said...

Jamey, this is only part one. I'll be doing another list and you'll just have to keep reading my blog to see the results...can you handle the suspence? hehe. I enjoy reading your blog...especially that one about the Rock. ;)

jan@theviewfromher said...

Hey Karen - thanks so much for the link! And for the heads-up on some other cool blogs I didn't know about. :-) You have a really nice blog - I like the variety!

SolShine7 said...

Jan, I'm glad you like the variety, that's one of my goals. As you can see, your blog is one of my favorites. Keep up the good work!

Dusty said...

They write about news events, entertainment and other cool stuff from a Christian point of view. (Anyone interested in doing a similar blog like this? It could be cool.)

Sounds good! I would totally be interested in doing something like that...