Thursday, November 23, 2006

About my blog

I have a lot of interests. Does that make me interesting?

I’m not the type of lady to order a straight up strawberry smoothie. I like to mix things up. Smoothies are best when exotic and common fruits react. Everything about me is searching for the hyrbrid in life. From my movie selections to my food choices to being creative with my faith.

Why order vanilla when you can have a swirl? And why order a swirl when you can have a swirl with chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top? I’m all about making things better, looking at life from different angles and seeing the beauty in the blend.

I aspire to create a blog like an expert smoothie shop...catchy names, lots of fresh content, fabulous pictures, a comfy atmosphere and a great view. If you’re looking for a one-stop spot for a sensational blogger smoothie then...Think Virtue!

I’ll supply the content to stir up the conversations on Jesus, entertainment and social jusitce and you bring those little umbrella thingies so we can get some interaction going.

That pretty much sums it up. So if you have any questions, concerns or answers (who doesn't need those?) email me: solshine7[at]


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My MySpace page
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Selected Articles:

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"The Lady and Her Vespa"
"Corbin Bleu and Brenda Song bring diversity to The Disney Channel"
"One Tree Hill gets biracial"
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"Students can once again reach for Stars"
"African American Institute celebrates 35"

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Top said...

Great short fun post, and definately a great way to look at life.