Saturday, November 25, 2006

26 Letters

I was searching the web for the lyrics to this amazing song by Ben Glover. I found this picture and then it hit me--Ben Glover looks like Screech from Saved by the Bell. That's if you stuck around long enough to watch Screech grow a gotee. It's kind of funny because I saw Dustin Diamond a.k.a "Screech" on some TV show recently because he was selling T-shirts to save his house from foreclosure. According to his wikipedia entry, a reporter said the whole T-shirt bit was a scam. Poor Screech.

I wonder if Ben Glover looked like Screech when he was younger. If so, maybe getting stuffed into lockers and picked on fueled his artistic creativity. Glover's lyrics are so profoundly rich, seasoned with clarity and simple imagery that cleverly conveys the struggle of a believer's journey. As great as his songwriting skills are, he boldy proclaims that his words could never come close to capturing all the glory, mystery and beauty found in Christ. And that's what I love about the song "26 Letters". No matter how hard we try to paint the perfect picture or form the most stunning sentence God is so much biggger than it utterly break-taking that it will take an eternity for us to express our gratitude for his love.

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